Kulapat Yantrasast interviewed for ASPIRE Design and Home’s “Dinner Guest” Column in Biophilic Architecture issue

July 17, 2016 Uncategorized

AGH | That LEED-certified Grand Rapids Art Museum your team did sounds great. Are environmental standards in architecture getting enough attention?

KY | It’s unfortunate that environmental thinking and solutions were separate from mainstream architecture, because environmental conscience must be the backbone of architecture and design thinking. Just as we cook food that delights the palate, enhances health and sustains the world, we should build to delight the senses, enhance quality of life and sustain our earth.

AGH | What makes a client desirable to work with? Are you drawn to forward thinkers?

KY | Clients are desirable in the same way that friend are; having a forward-thinking, intelligent mind with a visionary focus is a plus. I am drawn to unusual people, people with uncommon ideas, challenging thoughts. But I think it’s important to see a project as a relationship and/or a collaboration, and you need clients who are collaborative, not combative, and someone who loves the unknown as much as the known.

AGH | What about the architecture of food? Is there a theme there, something you see happening? Something you talk about in lectures?

KY | I see food as a great example and metaphor for architecture; both gain value through the way people interact with them. Food should not be consumed through pictures; same with architecture. These art forms possess an intrinsic and intimate relationship with people and their happiness/quality of life, and I want people to have a great sense of understanding and expectation towards architecture, just as they do with food.

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