Los Angeles County Museum of Art Samurai

Using Design to Bring Objects Alive for Visitors’ Experience

The Los Angeles Stop for the travelling exhibition illustrates the evolution of samurai equipment through the centuries, featuring more than 140 objects of warrior regalia, with full suits of armor, helmets, and face guards, weapons, horse trappings, and other battle gear. This highly successful exhibition design for the Samurai show at LACMA presents the artwork as they were designed and used in a meaningful procession of ceremony or military affairs. The design team outlined primary goals:

  • Get the visitors as close to as much of the material as possible from every angle.
  • Create an immersive experience of multiple storylines within the exhibit
  • Highlight the intricate beauty and fantastical character of each object
  • Utilize the simplicity of the space (The Resnik Pavilion) to create a unique show

The sense of order and clarity is maintained while the artworks are presented in specifically arranged groups relating to their origins, themes or meanings. Respecting the very light sensitive nature of the entire collection, lighting design is carefully planned for best preservation measures of the works of art, as well as to provide a clear and engaging presentation of the collection.

  • Workshops
    Buildings, Ideas
  • Client
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
  • Location
    Los Angeles, CA, US
  • Budget
  • Role
    Exhibition Designer
  • Status
    Completed, 2014

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