Maurice and Paul Marciano Art Foundation

New Center for the Display, Discourse, Research and Making of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles

In 2013, the Maurice and Paul Marciano Art Foundation selected wHY to transform a massive Scottish Rite Masonic Temple in Los Angeles into an art center that contributes to LA’s evolving art scene.

Conceived as an ‘Art City’, the building is being re-imagined as a space for the display, research, performance and making of contemporary art and will include a variety of temporary exhibition spaces for installations by international and local artists.

wHY‘s design experiments with the relationship between old and new to foster a synergy between the historic building, contemporary art and the urban environment. Plans will allow for viewing galleries of all sizes, from the very large to the more intimate. In concert with these, the development of a flexible program and building will give the Foundation an opportunity to serve a variety of uses, such as individual visitors, school groups and special events.

Adjacent outdoor spaces will be reconfigured to create a strong connection between outdoor and indoor art experiences and to improve the overall urban fabric of the city.

  • Workshops
  • Client
    Maurice and Paul Marciano
  • Location
    Los Angeles, CA, US
  • Area
    100,000 sq ft
  • Budget
    $20 million
  • Role
    Planner, Design & Executive Architect
  • Status
    In Design

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