Pershing Green: wHY+Civitas

Pershing Square Renew, a collaboration between government, community and business leaders, has released wHY+Civitas design for a new central park in Downtown LA.

Our proposal titled “Pershing Green” is a flexible topography showcasing the best of LA’s food, arts, and cultural offerings, year-round; a space for all ages and walks of life, enlivening Downtown into evenings and weekends.

A place where LA will be made and unmade daily, seamless flow from sidewalks to street to green to city will encourage co-existence of pedestrians, commuters, cars and visitors.

Pershing Green will serve the community with alternative and sustainable water filtration and conservation systems by bringing underground water to plant lives above, while bringing light and green deep into the ground.

All images courtesy of wHY+Civitas/Luxigon.

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