Venice Beach House

A Contemporary House Transforms Beachfront Community

Located at the epicenter of Venice, this 3-story all-concrete house establishes an island of tranquility without denying the surrounding swarm of urban activity. It is a space for entertainment and respite, and a foil for the domestic and artistic experimentations of its owner.

Perched one story above the street, on a plinth occupied by two apartments for visiting family and friends, the main level consists of a single living area that opens immediately onto a pool running the length of the home. The glass wall separating the two slides away, opening the home broadside to the breeze, the sun and the activity on the street below. A studio and master bedroom occupy the 3rd floor, hovering over the pool. This commanding position creates its own self-contained domain.

The seriousness of the concrete is tempered by whimsy and experimentation at all scales: from holes and ledges in the 2-story living room wall that invite rotating curation of objects, to the virtually entire 3rd floor west wall that hinges open on two large – and loud – hydraulic pistons, swinging dramatically over the pool below and seemingly inviting the whole of Venice into the house.

  • Workshops
  • Client
    Architect, Food Enthusiast, Purveyor
  • Location
    Venice, CA, US
  • Area
    4,000 sq ft
  • Role
    Design & Executive Architect
  • Status
    Built, 2012

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