Pershing Square Renew Shortlist

October 28, 2015 Grounds, Ideas

wHY is leading an international and local team in Phase 2 of re-envisioning Pershing Square, Los Angeles’ oldest park in the heart of downtown. The ten finalist teams will present ideas in March 2016, with a winner selected later in the month.

James Perse Office in Architectural Digest

September 11, 2015 Uncategorized

From the September Architectural Digest: "Collaborating with the architecture studios wHY and Hilgendorf, Perse gutted the building, removing the drop ceiling and adding skylights that provide ample illumination."

Phoenix Rising: Frank Lloyd Wright and Japan

September 10, 2015 Buildings, Grounds

Grounds Workshop Leader Mark Thomann, Creative Director Kulapat Yantrasast and Project 120 Chicago Founder  Robert Karr discuss Frank Lloyd Wright's connections with Japan September 20, 2015. Tickets available here, and free for Martin House Members! The Phoenix Pavilion, a gift by Japan to the City of Chicago from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, significantly inspired and influenced the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.  To commemorate the 120th anniversary of this gift, 120 cherry trees were planted in Jackson Park in 2013.  This work has expanded to include the complete revitalization of Jackson Park, including ecological restoration, the historic Fredrick Law Olmsted plans, a new work by Yoko Ono on the Wooded Island, an expanded Japanese Garden and a new Music Pavilion and visitor center by wHY on the historic music court.  The spirit of the project is driven by the ideals that inspired Frank Lloyd Wright as well as the future of the city, as nature. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 4:00 PM ELEANOR AND WILSON GREATBATCH PAVILION Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex 125 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14214 PARTICIPANTS Robert W. Karr, Jr. | Founder and President of Project 120 Chicago Kulapat Yantrasast | Founding Partner and Creative Director, wHY Mark Thomann | Grounds Workshop Leader, wHY


August 25, 2015 Grounds, Ideas, Objects

Janelle Zara covers our UN/FOLDING WILSHIRE project at the A+D Museum's new location for Architectural Record: "The best of them shine an implicit light on the particular shortcomings and oddities that define urban planning in L.A. wHY, the Venice-based firm founded by Kulapat Yantrasast, built a model of Wilshire Boulevard in which houses occupy the spaces previously devoted to cars. The seemingly endless road was built as a circular loop that revolves as a Ferris wheel, and Band-Aid boxes, landline phones and other sundries stand in for the houses, a tacit commentary on what Yantrasast calls “the hodgepodge architectural expressions” the city is known for."

SAMURAI receives a Core 77 Professional Notable Award in the Built Environment category

June 16, 2015 Buildings, Ideas

wHY worked with curatorial staff to use the concept of a procession as a curatorial idea to organize the different groupings within the collection. While the procession loosely referenced a historical timeline, it also layered in thinking about how the objects could best be presented and experienced by the audience as visual and narrative. Read more at Core77

Curbed Chicago on today’s SKY LANDING ‘Ground Healing’ Ceremony

June 12, 2015 Uncategorized

The new installation is coming to fruition via a collaboration of several stakeholders, including the Chicago Park District, wHY, Heritage Landscapes, NRH Arts and others. SKY LANDING will be completed by next summer. Article at Curbed Chicago