Aug 9 — Kulapat @ A/D/O’s ‘Talking Tropics’ — 7-9PM

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A conversation between architects, editors and advocates who have worked on projects in tropical locations such as Southeast Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and beyond. RSVP here.  

Architects + Artisans on how wHY knows to learn

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Excerpt from the article: “We realized when we read the brief that this can’t work without addressing context and landscape and public opinion, and we took great care to do that,” says Mark Thomann, design director, grounds at wHY. “We heard it from the client and the council, and that approach to engaging local people and really letting it come out of the landscape made it the winning choice – that was our strategy going in.” Read more at Architects + Artisans.    

Heritage Architect offers thoughts on wHY’s design

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Excerpt from the article: "Ever since Sydney Opera House was built in the 1970s, architects have sought to create ‘iconic’ architecture. They all too often forget that context is vital to any architectural design. The Sydney site demanded an “icon”. Princes Street Gardens palpably does not. The other short-listed designs were quite unnecessarily attention-seeking. If there must be a Concert Arena, the judges have chosen the best design." Read more at The Herald.

And the winner of the design competition is…

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Including a video interview with members of the design team and jury, The Edinburgh Reporter takes a deep dive into the competition process, design approach and next steps. Read more at The Edinburgh Reporter

Kulapat Participating as Panelists on ‘Designing for What We Don’t Know Yet, Part III’ at SPUR in San Francisco

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Designing for What We Don’t Know Yet, Part III 12:30 p.m. | Wednesday, August 2, 2017 "When we think about designing for the future, are we thinking about the right things? Is big data helping us or hurting us? Are we creating public space and buildings that are fostering equality and ecology, or are they impeding these things? These are just come of the questions we’ll tackle in an in-depth conversation about designing for what we don’t know yet." Panelists are Jonathon Keats, Author; David McConville, Buckminster Fuller Institute; and Kulapat Yantrasast, wHY. Event Details SPUR Urban Center 654 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94105-4015 Free to the Public

The Guardian on New LA Art Spaces and How the Marciano Art Foundation Retains Its Original Charm

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"Much has been written about the expanding LA art scene over the past few years, but for the most part, independent, predominantly artist-run spaces have been overlooked in favor flashier mega-galleries and private museums. The newest of these is the Marciano Art Foundation, which houses the collection of Maurice and Paul Marciano, founders of the Guess fashion brand. Located in the former Scottish Rite Masonic Temple on Wilshire Boulevard, the building has been thoughtfully repurposed by architect Kulapat Yantrasast of wHY, who retained the Temple’s original charm while carving out spaces for contemporary art." Read more at The Guardian