ABC7 News – Embracing Change: Explore the Transformation of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco


As part of a larger dialogue examining their recent expansion, The Asian Art Museum interviewed Kulapat Yantrasast, WHY’s Founder and Creative Director, about the museum’s transformation, celebration of Asian art, and greater art accessibility.

“When I grew up, my parents didn’t collect art, so in the beginning it was intimidating; because it feels like you’re supposed to know what you’re looking at. But in reality, art is not made for that – it’s about discovery, it’s about learning from artists and their visions and way of life. Wherever I go, in every city, every country, I go to the museum, because it allows me to understand what each city, what each people think. Not only just in the moment, but also the history, the identity.” – Kulapat Yantrasast

Watch the full video on ABC7 :
September 9th, 2021
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