Construction Today interviews Andrija Stojic, Director of WHY’s New York office

“As a firm, we consider ourselves as young and different, and at the same time, our clients view us as a world-class leader in contemporary design,” explains Andrija Stojic, who is wHY’s New York office director. “We work with many big cultural institutions around the world, and we are dedicated to creating world-class buildings and experiences. We like to call projects ‘playgrounds,’ because they provide flexible new zones of activity for different users. Museums, for example, can host many different activities that have different goals, and our design strategies can help them become dynamic hubs of activity and events; this helps them engage the next generation of visitors.”

With offices in Los Angeles and New York, wHY is led by founder and Creative Director Kulapat Yantrasast. The team includes architects, landscape designers, makers and strategic thinkers who work in five independent and interconnected workshops: Ideas, Museums, Buildings, Landscape, and Objects.

“Our projects are diverse and unique because our staff are diverse and curious. We also engage outside collaborators, who each contribute with different ideas,” Stojic says. “Clients don’t come to us to give them a box. They may not know exactly what they are looking for, but they know the feel they want and who needs to use the building. Our engagement with them helps us to come up with a certain outcome. Our biggest value lies in our unique design process” […]

-Staci Davidson

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October 25th, 2019
Acupuncture Architecture,  Exhibition Design,  Historic Preservation,  Masterplans,  Museums,  Objects,  Programming,  Sustainability,  Urban Parks
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