Designboom reports on WHY’s design for The Tchaikovsky Academic Opera and Ballet Theater

“WHY architecture has unveiled plans to build a new theater in perm, a russian city close to the ural mountains. the project, which has now been approved by local authorities, will form the centerpiece of a major revitalization taking place in the area. as a cultural landmark overlooking the city and sited along the kama river, the building has been designed to be as ‘porous’ and as open as possible, with views of perm on all sides.

the form of the tchaikovsky academic opera and ballet theater mimics the movement of dance and music, while the palette of materials references the ancient geology of the region and its legacy of copper mining. the square plaza of a traditional theater becomes an organic curved surface which sweeps visitors up into the building and invites them to explore the sculptural diversity of the structure. ramps and walkways create a sense of flow throughout the building, and visitors are encouraged to explore the outdoor spaces in all seasons.”


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February 7th, 2020
Masterplans,  Performing Arts,  Programming,  Sustainability,  Urban Parks
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