Dezeen reports on WHY’s design for Pershing Green

“The four competing proposals for the revamp of LA’s Pershing Square have been finalised and revealed, by designers including Morphosis, WHY, and James Corner Field Operations

A scheme was envisioned by local firm wHY and Denver’s Civitas Landscape Architecture group. The team proposes renaming the park Pershing Green and incorporating numerous gardens and wooded patches, all of which would be organised around two central lawns.

“A new surface is created based traditional urban park layouts, patterns and principles – with an LA twist,” the team said.

“This new surface enables movement, social encounter and views while also greatly increasing green space and a variety of spaces for park programs and activities,” it added.

One side of the park, called The Grapevine, would feature a vine-covered canopy structure whose design references “the complexity of our freeways”.

The perimeter of the park would be lined with tree-lined walkways, while the interior would feature a series of elevated paths that form large archways. These “pedestrian bridges” reference the hills found in and around Los Angeles. ”


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April 28th, 2016
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