Hyperallergic interviews Kulapat Yantrasast

“I’m one of few architects, I think, who really hangs out with artists. Artists represent a completely unknown world to me, and there are not a lot of things left where you can be completely shocked and inspired by something different. I think artists work very hard to bring that vision out.

Architecture is the opposite of that — we’re kind of in a gravitas business. We’re about creating stability and a sense of place — we’re about identity. Art is about allowing you to see the world in a different way, so art gives me such amazing joy, and because of that when I talk to museums, it comes out.

I feel like my work is to create this beautiful experience where people and art meet. I always think it’s like being a matchmaker because one is your friend, the artist, and one is your friend, the art lover, and they didn’t know each other before, and once you introduce them, you stay in the background. If you’re confident in your work, you don’t have to always be present. You can take a backseat, and let people enjoy their life.”

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October 16th, 2018
Acupuncture Architecture,  Historic Preservation,  Museums