Ocean Home reports on the Phuket House

[…] “Kulapat and his team at wHY were establishing a world-class reputation for their work on galleries and museums, and we saw an opportunity to tap into this experience in our own place,” says the client. “He was Thai, he learned some of his craft from Ando, and he understood what was needed to display art. All the pieces fit—we just had to convince Kulapat to come home and do a project in Thailand.”

This is a rare kind of client, one who not only wanted a residence to respond to climate, environment, and the changing seasons but who also sought international recognition. “He wanted it to be something that people around the globe would see as moving the needle of design,” says Yantrasast, who cites the influence of not just architects like Ando and Louis Kahn but also artists like Donald Judd and John Cage. […]

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November 6th, 2019