Actions for a Better World

Designed to inspire visitors to find their own paths to making a difference in the world, the exhibition will explore four critical humanitarian issues—education, health, jobs, and empowerment—and reveal how organizations, both local and global, are developing workable solutions to these worldwide challenges.

The Skirball turned to the designers at wHY and C&G Partners to create the environment for the exhibition. In their first-ever collaboration, the award-winning firms embraced the challenge of developing a gallery installation that was also a community engagement project. Working closely with leading exhibit fabrication firm Cinnabar, they have pursued what they describe as “a low-tech, high-charm approach” to A Path Appears.

Bob Dornberger, the leader of wHY’s Objects Workshop, explains, “Our design philosophy, using humble materials that were on the way to the landfill, paired with a low-tech process of sketching and prototyping, resulted in four engaging pavilions to inspire wonder.”

wHY’s founder, Kulapat Yantrasast, adds, “Our concept is to make an enabling experience, in every sense of the word—experience that is open-source, free to roam, and hopefully encourages people to take action.”

  • Workshops
  • Client
    Skirball Cultural Center
  • Role
    Exhibit Design
  • Location
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Status
    Completed, on view through February 2016
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