Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Bibliotheca Alexandria’s vision to expand upon its prestige as the world’s ancient center for knowledge and discourse fuels a new architecture that embodies a visionary balance of human life; art juxtaposed with technology and sustainability. As a catalyst for Cairo’s civic growth, the new Museum and Convention Center aims to create a place that embraces the city’s global technological future.

Sited over two neighboring yet distinct sites, the Conference Center and Museum are conceived as one unified project where an infinite “Loop of Knowledge” links and wraps them together. The Loop manifests between the two as a monolithic stone wall, allowing for a continuous flow of energy between the two. The interstitial spaces between the wall and the interior volumes act as landscape oasis moments rendering dynamic indoor outdoor experiences, and areas of repose.

The combined buildings will host a conference center with theaters, offices, assembly halls, and interior gardens, while the adjacent museum will become home for the collection of renowned sculptor Adam Henein, in concert with offices, research facilities, and terraced exterior courtyards and galleries.

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