Kordansky Gallery

Building Re-Designed to Support an Emerging Gallery

Along the evolving La Brea corridor of Los Angeles, the David Kordansky Gallery announces itself through simple forms and abstraction, marking the landscape as an artistic destination “along the way”. As a renovation project to what was once a martial arts training center, a specialty foods store, and an auto body repair shop, wHY carefully intervened to establish a concert between old and new.

The site evolved as a truly otherworldly landscape and arose from the earliest collaborations with wHY’s in-house Grounds workshop team. A fractured wall is imagined to wrap the site, creating an inner sanctum where unusual landscapes inhabit the spaces in-between. An entry court, public garden, and private deck are framed within, revealing exciting opportunities for indoor and outdoor art experiences, and holistically activating the limits of the site.

Beneath the original bow-truss wood ceilings, the new gallery houses central and private galleries, offices, a mezzanine library, a lounge, and art storage, which all act as a dynamic program to inspire a sense of “home” and a base for growth.

  • Workshops
    Buildings, Ideas, Landscape, Objects
  • Client
    David Kordansky
  • Location
    Los Angeles, CA, US
  • Area
    13,000 sq. ft. / 1,208 sq. m.
  • Role
    Design & Executive Architect, Landscape Architect
  • Status
    Commenced 2012, Completed 2014
  • Image Credits
    Jeremy Bittermann (3,4,5,6,8); Brian Forrest (2,7); Fredrik Nilsen (1)

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