LA River Art Bridge

A Pedestrian Bridge 

The Art Bridge is a product and a reflection of the Los Angeles River, which in turn is the reflection of Los Angeles history. Since 2009, wHY has worked closely with Judith Baca of SPARC to usher the vision to reality through intense negotiations and fundraising with multiple state and local agencies.

Spanning across the Los Angeles River, the Art Bridge will serve pedestrians from the Valley Glen community and Los Angeles Valley College. The bridge structure will be built substantially from trash salvaged from the river itself — concrete walls cast with bottle glass, cans, styrofoam, dirt and debris; floor and pavement made from recycled tires, tennis balls and scrap metal; bridge guardrail made from recycled parts of shopping carts scattered in the riverbed.

  • Workshops
    Buildings, Ideas, Landscape, Objects
  • Client
    SPARC + City of Los Angeles
  • Location
    Los Angeles, CA, US
  • Area
    120 ft span; 1,200 sq ft
  • Budget
    $1 million
  • Role
    Design Architect
  • Status
    In Planning & Design

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