L&M Arts

Embracing Imperfection

When New York’s renowned art gallery L&M Arts sought to expand to Los Angeles, they chose an historic Venice Beach power plant from the 1930’s and commissioned wHY to create an art gallery that completely re-writes the traditional ‘white cube’ model.

Rather than block out the chaos that comes with being located on Venice’s high-traffic boulevard, L&M Arts Los Angeles embraces its context to enrich the art experience. It is a place of greenery where people interact with the arts in multiple spaces, both indoors and out, to provide an immersive arts experience that extends throughout the entire site and beyond.

Three buildings comprise a total of 4,000 square feet of indoor exhibition space, moving art and visitors across the site through the renovated brick power station, a new diamond-shaped pavilion made with salvaged bricks, and a sculpture garden. The restrained-yet-varied material palette, the invitation of light and air: all combine to harmonize people, art and environment.

  • Workshops
  • Client
    L&M Arts
  • Location
    Venice, CA, US
  • Area
    4,000 sq ft
  • Role
    Design & Executive Architect
  • Status
    Completed, 2009

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