Tchaikovsky Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

wHY has been selected to create a design which would celebrate Perm’s industrial history and artistic legacy, bringing the city into a new era of cultural revitalization. The director of wHY’s New York office and Buildings Workshop, Andrija Stojic, will work closely with wHY’s Landscape Workshop, directed by Mark Thomann, to create an impressive new structure which will serve as a beacon for the emerging arts district along the Kama River. Their design strategy will radically reincorporate both the river and the landscape into the city’s cultural identity, creating a flowing, dynamic space which places art and nature at the center of urban life.

As a cultural landmark overlooking the city, the building has all the hallmarks of a monumental icon to the arts – however, wHY plans to explode the existing typology of the closed-off theatre structure, creating a building which is porous and open to all, with views of the city on all sides.

The form of the building mimics the movement of dance and music, and the palette of materials references the geology of the region and the legacy of copper mining. The square plaza of a traditional theatre becomes an organic curved surface which sweeps visitors up into the building and invites them to explore the sculptural diversity of the structure. Ramps and walkways create a sense of flow throughout the building, and visitors are encouraged to explore the outdoor spaces in all seasons. These formal elements of the theatre extend to the surrounding park, where a series of dancing paths and terraced landscape create a sense of continuity between the built and natural environment.

The overall design creates a dynamic focal point for the city, a celebration of culture and industry, people and history, which will bring the city into a new era of cultural and economic development.

  • Date
  • Workshops
    Buildings, Landscape
  • Location
    Perm, Russia
  • Role
    Lead Architect
  • Size
    49,000 sq m
  • Status
    Design Ongoing

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