Nanoscience & Nanotech Center

An open-air museum campus at the heart of a bustling, high-tech university

This academic building is a major contribution to Tel Aviv University’s setting, harmoniously balancing the modernist legacy of the campus with contemporary expressions of architecture, public space, landscape and academic progress.

wHY’s solution integrates a site within a site, with form and function embodying the complex relationship between science, humanity, and nature. As with any significant educational building that signals innovation, growth, and a competitive edge, the design creates a unique landmark that reflects the ideals of the institutional mission and program.

The building is thusly designed from the inside-out, operating as a community of camaraderie: a place for efficient laboratory work as well as for reflection and inspiration.

As such, the design is split between laboratory spaces and all ‘other’ functions. Keeping in mind that proximity and rigorous design guidelines needed to be prioritized for the labs, each is centralized and stacked along the north side of the Center.

The ‘other’ side is open and free-flowing as a productive, collaborative environment for users to work independently or as a team, and to take a moment of repose. Acoustically controlled, a central atrium space is meant to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, where areas are visually connected and natural light provides rejuvenation.


  • Workshops
    Buildings, Ideas, Landscape
  • Location
    Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Area
    65,000 sq. ft. / 6000 sq. m.
  • Role
    Lead Architect, Landscape Designer
  • Program
    Research laboratories, offices, clean room facilities, group discussion areas, technical facilities and communication areas, campus gateway and plaza
  • Budget
    $25 million / €22.5 million
  • Status
    International Competition Finalist, 2015-2016

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