wHY’s Ideas Workshop is examining the intersection of physical, social, and regulatory space to alleviate pressure on Los Angeles’ housing affordability.  How do we overcome our shrinking resources, increasing population, diverse needs and ‘accepted’ cost of living in LA? Can we continue this way or do we need a new model for the future?

Using Wilshire Boulevard along the Metro purple line extension as a case study site, wHY proposes a new model of affordable housing as a piece of urban infrastructure. This new landscape inhabits the grey zone between regulation and disorder, and challenges our expectations of ownership, how projects are funded and how they are built. Drawing inspiration from the booming shared economy e.g. Uber and Airbnb, and our changing transportation expectations of the next generation (car-less in LA!), the infrastructure has the possibility to accommodate a new mini-city that sustains itself through community and shared resources. wHY demonstrates the proposed infrastructure in a playful way reflecting on the seemingly endless roadways and hodgepodge architectural expressions that define our perceptions of Los Angeles.

  • Workshops
    Ideas, Objects
  • Client
    A+D Museum
  • Location
    Los Angeles, CA, US
  • Exhibition Dates
    August 20, 2015 - November 6, 1015

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