The Architect’s Newspaper reports on WHY’s design for the Marciano Art Foundation

“Yantrasast believes that architects who design art museums are a ‘matchmaker between the art and the people,’ and that the building ‘must support the art,’ he said.

It’s a delicate balance creating inviting spaces to exhibit art and making buildings that enhance their environment. In essence, WHY’s architecture becomes a subtle, quiet partner and does not dominate the art. At the MAF, generally wHY has succeeded as a ‘matchmaker.’ They have created flexible, spacious galleries to display the extensive and diverse art. The inaugural exhibition, labeled Unpacking: The Marciano Collection and curated by Philipp Kaiser, formerly with L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art, works well in the newly re-imagined building and includes the work of 44 artists.

Maurice Marciano seemed quite pleased with the result. He said, ‘We’ve been really blessed to give back to the artists’ community, and to share our passion with everybody.’ In an ironic turn of events, the MAF has given new life to the Masonic Temple and extended the Masons’ goal to ‘improve the life of others.’ ”


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August 2nd, 2017
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