Wilding X WHY is our Landscape workshop. It grew from the simple recognition that no project is independent of its surroundings. Under the leadership of Mark Thomann, the workshop engages in projects ranging from large-scale urban parks and landscaping for architectural projects, to masterplanning strategies and creative activation of liminal zones.

Central to Wilding X WHY's approach is the principle of “Art & Wilding” – the interweaving of human creativity and natural processes.

Mark Thomann, Director of Wilding X WHY

Since 2014, Mark has played an important role in shaping WHY’s approach to context-driven design, expanding the role of the Landscape Workshop to address wider questions of ecology, artistry, and placemaking. Mark studied politics and conflict studies before receiving his MLA from the University of Pennsylvania, and his approach to landscape design is guided by a commitment to social and environmental activism. Before joining WHY, Mark was a partner and Design Director with Balmori Associates where he led numerous international award winning projects, including the Campa de los Ingleses Park at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, and the vision and masterplan for the city of Sejong in Korea. Mark has taught on the landscape architecture faculty at University of Pennsylvania School of Design, and his work has been featured in numerous books and publications.

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