The Art Bridge in Los Angeles

The Art Bridge is an experiment, an installation, and a cohesive element of urban design. The concrete structure of the bridge will be cast with trash and debris salvaged from the LA River — broken bottles, crushed cans, styrofoam, and other waste materials. The flooring will be made from recycled tires, tennis balls and scrap metal, and the guardrail is a reimagining of the rusted shopping carts which regularly find their way into the river.

Key info
Design Architect
Executed by WHY Architecture Workshop Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
  • 2007 - Ongoing Fundraising
  • 1,200 sf
Design Architect, Planner

The bridge will be sited close to North Hollywood, and will serve the many pedestrians, cyclists, and street artists who regularly make the pilgrimage to the river. It will also be a prime spot for viewing the Great Wall of Los Angeles mural, a true cultural landmark of the city and one of the nation’s most respected and largest monuments to inter-racial harmony. The project is a collaboration with SPARC, and our two teams are currently engaged in negotiations and fundraising with multiple state and local agencies.

  • Judith Baca of SPARC
Lighting Consultant
  • Lux Populi
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