“What’s the Matter?” at R & Company

In fall 2013, leading furniture and design gallery R & Company invited Kulapat and WHY to curate an exhibit in their NYC gallery. The exhibit, entitled ‘What’s the Matter?’ is an investigation into the materials and processes that shape an artist’s or designer’s work. By juxtaposing archival pieces from the collection alongside the work of contemporary designers, the show reveals an evolution of techniques, and investigates the choices a designer makes in the marrying of these two elements.

Key info
Design Architect
Executed by Workshop HY Architecture & Design DPC
New York City, NY
  • 2013
  • 1,650 sq. ft.
Objects Design and Fabrication

The exhibit also marked the debut of wHY’s OBJECTS Workshop, which designed and fabricated limited edition pieces for the show. The works examine wHY’s projects through three sperate materials – glass, metal and concrete – responding to the processes by which the materials are transformed into objects

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