Tel Aviv University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

WHY’s proposed design for a new Center for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology at Tel Aviv University envisages a building closely aligned with its setting, harmoniously balancing the modernist legacy of the campus with contemporary expressions of architecture, landscaping, and public space. We set out to dissolve rigid divisions between disciplines, offering a flexible solution that opens new channels for communication and advancement. The building is designed to reflect the institution’s mission and program, fostering innovation and growth while illuminating the complex relationship between science, humanity, and nature. The site is shaped to create a context for camaraderie, allowing for efficient laboratory work as well as reflection and inspiration. Adhering to the rigorous design guidelines required for workspaces, the labs are centralized and stacked along the north side of the building. Other spaces are flexible and free-flowing, generating a collaborative environment for working independently or as a team. An acoustically controlled central atrium space provides a welcoming atmosphere, characterized by strong connective sightlines and rejuvenating natural light.

Key info
Design Architect
Executed by Workshop HY Architecture & Design DPC
Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2015-2016
  • 37,670 sq. ft.
Competition proposal

The building is designed from the inside-out, operating as a community of camaraderie: a place for efficient laboratory work as well as for reflection and inspiration. As such, the design is split between laboratory spaces and all ‘other’ functions. Keeping in mind that proximity and rigorous design guidelines needed to be prioritized for the labs, each is centralized and stacked along the north side of the Center.

The ‘other’ side is open and free-flowing as a productive, collaborative environment for users to work independently or as a team, and to take a moment of repose. Acoustically controlled, a central atrium space is meant to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, where areas are visually connected and natural light provides rejuvenation.

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